3D Printed Flexible Tracks

Ziddan has posted his designs on Thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1753643

Also interesting is the 3D service bureau locator, called https://www.3dhubs.com/

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Battles of the Askari Legion: Clearance of Facility LV426

Narrative: Clearance of Facility LV 426

Ghul Jensen Manufactorum Facility LV 426, class 4 manufacturing facility on the Ghul Jensen hive world. The mission of Udrad Slayfist was to seize the planet and convert the facilities to production. [Slayfist? Yeah, because the human auxiliaries love it. Got to keep them happy.] Due limited Askari Legion forces in Sanctus Reach and the currently limited space transport, arrangements were made and the Wudurk Pirates transported the war party, and the Pirates joined the fight to clear the planet.

Facility defenders consisted primarily of the local Imperial Guard force, reinforced by Adeptus Mechanicus, and a local space marine chapter (probably Obsidian Glaives or remnants.) Quick planetary bombardment and rapid descent to the planet meant most of the fighting occurred in ruins outside the manufacturing areas. The speed of the arrival from space and assault left most of the Imperial defense limited to ad hoc and scratch forces to fight off the invaders.

The following battle report represents a typical action during the clearance phase. Of particular note is the arrival of an Imperial squadron of escorts that bombarded the planet during the clearance phase at the time the Ork pirates were refueling at the gas giant.

Imperial defenders were not prepared for the Ork onslaught and small bands of mixed forces valiantly failed to stop the Orks. Udrad Slayfist as leader of this Askari Legion force used all the tactics typical of the Legion: attack using strategic and operational surprise, using cover of darkness,  carefully, and methodically; all the while focused on the strategic goals.

Conclusion, the many small bands of disorganized Imperial defenders were cleared in the initial battles on Ghul Jensen by Warlork Udrad Slayfist

Battle Report

Orks: Derry, mega armor warboss with lucky stikk, painboy, 30 shoota boys with power klaw bosspole nob, 2 units of gretchin, 3 meganobs in trukk, 2 units of 10 flashgits in battlewagons with rams, kannon, 4 rokkits

Imperials: Nik, command squad, autocannon heavy weapons squad, platoon command squad with heavy and two flamers, IG squad, plasma priest and veteran squad in chimera, Leman Russ punisher with plasma sponsons, Valkyrie with rockets, Skitarii squad with plasma, anti aircraft dunecrawler, space marine speeder with assault cannon, space marine scouts on speeder

Orks went first with night fighting due to warlord trait. Imperials got 3 units with infiltrate and put leman russ, veterans in chimera outflanking in reserve, with both speeders and valkyrie.

Initially, most of the orks rushed forward the first turn to close in the range. The big mob of boys escorting Warboss Udrad were able to shoot at the skitarii that infiltrated too close. The first Imperial turn shooting was mostly ineffective due to limited number of units, cover of darkness effects, and the tanking ability of the Warboss (with lucky stikk.)

Second turn, the flashgitz in battlewagons closed in and began blasting the command squad, heavy weapons, and normal squad off the table. The Garkam’s meganobs moved up to center in order to go to fight either direction. The Udrad and his boys moved up to blast the rest of the skitarii squad from the table. Imperials concentrated missile, lasgun, and other fire to all bounce off the Warboss.

Turn 3 got Udrad and his boyz in close combat with the priest, veteran squad, and their chimera. The meganobs charged into and IG squad, and the flashgitz blasted the command squad and the heavy weapons squads. The Imperials dropped the platoon squad of 1 heavy and two flamers to burn off over 10 boyz, due to Udrad not being up front after the close combat, after boyz in the front get burned away, Udrad takes his first wound due to volume of fire (and not unlimited luckiness of the stikk.) The scout speeder deployed the scouts and failed to hit a battlewagon.

By turn 4, even though the battlewagons were all shot up, they still fought on. One worked on the Leman Russ punisher that outflanked but failed to kill it turn 3. The other battlewagon blasted the scouts and storm speeder away. Udrad and the boyz moved up to exact sweet revenge on the terrible flamers, and get the dunecrawler too. At this point it was late and pretty much over, but we played on because Nik needed a final chance at some revenge. Sadly little revenge happened. Great draws allowed the Orks to score six more points, making the score 12-4

Summary: 4 malestrom turns played, score 12-4, Orks win

IMG_6777  Starting faceoff from the Warboss Udrad Slayfist perspective, backed up by a mob of 30 boyz

IMG_6778Doc Nuk’s trukk taken out of action, but dropping off Garkam’s Meganobs

IMG_6779End of turn 2 view from Imperial side of the seemingly small horde of advancing Orks

IMG_6780 Udrad and the boyz taking the priest, veterans, and their chimera in close combat

IMG_6782Sad consolidation where Udrad cannot protect the boys from the upcoming flamers

IMG_6783Udrad and the boyz charge the platoon flamers and the dunecrawler smash them

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Corrugated Roofing for a Shanty

Styrene is the typical material with high durability for gaming when considering corrugated roofing, for a shanty for example.

Aluminum sheeting is available in O (1:48) and G (1:24) scales that work for a WH 40K  shanty. O Scale Corrugated Metal Roofing: https://www.rustystumps.com/proddetail.asp?prod=D5525

Corrugated cardboard is another option. Available in 12 x 12 inch sheets or other sizes for scrapbooking, but has flat backing which makes using for buildings easier, but not as realistic.

Embossers from Sizzix and others for under $200 can make corrugated sheets, with embossing plates like: https://www.simonsaysstamp.com/product/Taylored-Expressions-CORRUGATED-Embossing-Folders-TEEF20-TEEF20TaEx?gclid=CLiYwOSO4c4CFYRmfgodMfAAdA

Fiskars Crimper can make iron sheeting for O scale buildings, examples are shown here: http://gn15.info/forum/viewtopic.php?t=146.

Corru-Gatorhttps://www.createforless.com/Uchida-Corru-gator-Paper-Crimper-8-1/2-in.-Straight/pid33880.aspx. Even Walmart sells them.

Coke can scrap aluminum can be sent through the crimping machines listed above to make sheeting like that in the rustystumps link. Aluminum foil seems like a option, except to significantly distress: http://www.scalemodelplans.com/smp/tutorials/metal_siding.html

Testing. I have not tested it yet, but I plan to get a crimper and precut the sheets to be panel sized at scale and then run them through the crimper. I can then bulk distress, rust, and prep individual sheets, to be used across many different buildings. Maybe even mix foil and can panels.

Wood hardener, like Minwax, can be used to make paper versions that are reasonably durable.

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Industrial Terrain Suppliers

Wargames Tournaments Industrial Terrain: Graven Games review. Industrial Terrain Mega Set, many other options. Nice thing about this set is they can be semi-assembled and then be assembled as needed.

Multiverse Gaming Industrial Terrain: Newport Chemical Plant, Storage Tanks, Silo Frame. Other items: Scaffoding

Possible Terrain for Industrial Table

Systema Gaming Base 0 Bundle: Graven Games review. Has a matching mat that is interesting.

I will add others as I find them

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Laser cut Terrain Accessories

Multiverse Gaming Air ducts: Graven Games review.

Laser Cut Card Air Conditioning

I will put more here as I find them.

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Containers for 28mm


Above are containers I cut for Warhammer 40,000. Below are laser cut containers from various companies.

Company Container Lowest Per Reviews Comments
4Ground 3 types GBP 12
Bandua Wargames Oxyd Euro 7
Crossover Miniatures Link US $3
Gamecraft Miniatures Two types $13.20
Ironheart Artisans Link US$ 8
Iron Mammoth Link ??
Karl7582 See company ~ GBP 3 eBay, painted
Knight Models Link Euro 7 Tales of a TS,  Noghannan’s
Laser Cut Card Link US $3 Graven Games Variations, accessories
Maki Games Link ?? Super detailed
Mini Duels Link US $ 6 Etsy
Puppets War Link 28,00 € Resin
Reaper Miniatures Link US $8.29 Forum Review
Sarissa Precision Link GBP 7.50
Scathach Games ?? review May be defunct
SG2 (squared) Creations Link US$ 7.50
Terrakami Games Link Euro 3.90 Graven Games
Wargames Tournaments Link GBP 1
Warmill Sir Crate GBP 8

Other Options

Home built resin container from Beefcake on Lead Adventure Forum, details here

3D printed containers from Fireangel on Dakka Dakka. Find them in this thread, about halfway down the page. Claims to have Etsy store, that I cannot find.

I will add others as I find them, such as the ones below


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Making Dynamic Craggy Hills


Great article on Dakka Dakka about making hills that are much better than the average hills used for gaming. Picture above stolen from the article, go read it now.

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Injection Molding

Injection molding can be a way to create many duplicate parts for WH40K. Access to an injection molding machine at the Techshop and new resins allow similar techniques as casting a part, but to create an injection mold, see Instructable.

LNS Technologies, company local to me makes a home injection molding machine:

Bench Model 150A Injection Molder

Video showing some of the injection molding concepts


Suggested injection molding resins, from the Instructable: Tap Plastics and Devcon

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Every Little War (Laser Cut)


New company making terrain, objective markers, and other material.

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Table Mats

Many table mats have a high cost, but many budget options exist. A little dye, paint, or weathering powders can provide a lot of visual interest even to plain white sheets.

Aliexpress-photo backdrop, Walmart-twin flat sheet

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