Blood Axe Speed Freeks See Blood Axe Speed Freeks for picture information. This would be a GREAT kodex cover.

Experimental Kodex Ideas Below

  1. Not all elements below would be in a single kodex. Grot Rebels would rate their own kodex.
  2. Weapons divided and costed into categories, with category quantities listed on each vehicle.
  3. Vehicle upgrades also modularized
  4. Units list dedicated transport options (very permissive.)

Weapon Categories

  • Light. Big shoota, rokkit, kmb, deffgun, AA options
  • Medium. Lobba, kannon, zaap. AA options
  • Heavy.
  • Grabbin klaw can attack too (like power klaw, can have 1-2) [gutripper, see below]

Units (underlined are new or different, links to follow)

  • Feral Boyz.
  • Kavalry. Boars, cyboars, and supercyboars
  • Buggy (Pikkup, Trakk, Teknical) like attack bikes with wounds. Variable wounds, variable save, cover and invulnerable saves, like attack bikes with wounds
  • [Rat Patrol fiction sidebar]
  • Trukk (Van, Junka, Guntrukk)
  • Karrier (Tracktor, Lorry, Big Trakk, Bus, Big Trukk, Heavy Trukk)
  • Wagon (Battlewagon, Gunwagon, Bonebreaka, Bonecruncha, Braincrusha, Gutrippa)
  • Fortress (Battlefortress, Gunfortress)
  • Skullhamma
  • Grot Tank
  • Tankette (like old buggies, with armor), light and medium weapons
  • Tank (gobsmasha), armor 13-14, smasha kannon str 10 option
  • Behemoth (heavy tank) 5-8 hull points, fast?, bristling with dakka
  • Kill Blasta, Kill Bursta, Kill Krusha (superheavy tanks)
  • Grot Bot
  • Kan
  • Deff Dread
  • Mega Dread, Meka Dread
  • Gorkanaut, Morkanaut
  • Stompa
  • Gargant
  • Great Gargant
  • Mega Gargant
  • Squiggoth
  • Big Squiggoth
  • Gargantuan Squiggoth
  • Dakkajet  (one listing for fighta, bomma, fighta-bomma, dakkajet, et al.)
  • Heavy bomma
  • Deffkopta
  • Warkopta
  • Gunship (pig gunship)
  • Landa

Other possibilities

  • Car, Semi, Coach
  • Wrekka option for Trukk, or larger. (or Karrier, or Wagon)

Historical names and configs

  • Autocannon=Gunwagon
  • Battlecannon+Rolla=Bonebreaka
  • Twin Autocannon+Rolla=Bonecruncha
  • Battlecannon + Claws = Gutrippa
  •  Five Autocannon+Rolla=Giblet Grinda

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