Battles of the Askari Legion: Zooming the Sharkless


During the various recovery of the Imperial databank missions on Daelus VI, the 141st Force conducted aggressive scouting and sweep missions with small teams of bikes and/or koptas. This battle exemplifies a typical outcome of these stealthy missions through the Imperial ruins on the island continent of Daelus Minor.

To sweep the Tau patrols from their constant patrolling through the ruins, we needed to disrupt their flow of operations. Similarities between some of the Tau tactical playbooks meant we decided to start with disrupting their patrols first, to determine their reaction.

This battle used our standard lure and ambush routine. Grot scavenger packs tasked with recovery of rare metals abandoned in the ruins would eventually draw the notice of the Tau patrols. The grot honcho signalled towed artillery to deploy in the path of their withdraw, near metal vapor processing unit 45AH. As we expected, our artillery fire caused the Tau fire warriors to stop and wait for their suit reaction force. By the time the Tau suits arrived, our biker unit arrived and started weaving through the ruins.

The density of the ruins combined with the relatively clear roads meant the bikers were able to stay out of sight of the Tau while still taking few risks of crashing. Once the Tau sighted the bikes, they started withdrawing, but too slowly. The bikes rushed the Tau as they consolidated their position, swept the Tau, and moved back into mobile reserve to cover other scavenger teams.

Battle Report

After Zach and I battled early in the day, as reported in Swimming with Sharks, of course when the event in the evening started, we would play each other again, first, on the same table! The evening event was a couple of combat patrols, using the Adepticon rules.

Players were divided into teams of 3. On my team was Jan playing Orks, and Michael H. playing Noise marines.

Orks, Derry: Unit of 12 warbikers led by bosspole/power klaw nob with attached painboy on bike, unit of gretchin, single smasha gun

Tau, Zach: (Estimate) 2 fire warrior squads, 3 crisis suits with dual plasma

This time Zach did not have the shark bombers and the setup did not favor his army, almost no matter what I brought. My warlord trait allowed me to infiltrate, so my entire army did. Zach infiltrated his suits first and they did a good job of limiting where my bikes could start. All my units started out of range or out of line of sight of the fire warriors. On the first Tau turn, the suits withdrew toward the fire warriors. On the first Ork turn, the bikes turbo boosted forward.

On turn 2, the Tau withdrew back further and the bikes turbo boosted forward again. On turn 3, the Tau withdrew to the corner and the warriors shot up a couple bikes. The Ork bikes moved up just in front of the suits and one squad of fire warriors, blasted them, and assaulted. We ended the game here, counting it as an Ork win.

img_6852Ork initial setup, not showing the hiding grots

img_6851 Tau end of turn 1, after the suits jumped back

img_6854 End of Ork turn 2, mostly out of sight of the suits, and ready for the final rush

img_6853Overhead view of the final position of the Ork bikers before the final assault

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