Containers for 28mm


Above are containers I cut for Warhammer 40,000. Below are laser cut containers from various companies.

Company Container Lowest Per Reviews Comments
4Ground 3 types GBP 12
Bandua Wargames Oxyd Euro 7
Crossover Miniatures Link US $3
Gamecraft Miniatures Two types $13.20
Ironheart Artisans Link US$ 8
Iron Mammoth Link ??
Karl7582 See company ~ GBP 3 eBay, painted
Knight Models Link Euro 7 Tales of a TS,  Noghannan’s
Laser Cut Card Link US $3 Graven Games Variations, accessories
Maki Games Link ?? Super detailed
Mini Duels Link US $ 6 Etsy
Puppets War Link 28,00 € Resin
Reaper Miniatures Link US $8.29 Forum Review
Sarissa Precision Link GBP 7.50
Scathach Games ?? review May be defunct
SG2 (squared) Creations Link US$ 7.50
Terrakami Games Link Euro 3.90 Graven Games
Wargames Tournaments Link GBP 1
Warmill Sir Crate GBP 8

Other Options

Home built resin container from Beefcake on Lead Adventure Forum, details here

3D printed containers from Fireangel on Dakka Dakka. Find them in this thread, about halfway down the page. Claims to have Etsy store, that I cannot find.

I will add others as I find them, such as the ones below


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