Askari Legion: Human Askari Auxiliaries

I have been thinking about human auxiliaries for my Askari Legion army, since humans get recruited into the Askari Legion all the time. Fez wearing humans are not that easy to find in 28mm, but here are some.

Askari Miniatures: Senegalese Tirailleur Infantry, Senegalese Tirailleur Command

Coppelstone Castings: AFU2 – German East Africa Co. Askaris,

Gripping Beast: FRN06 Senegalese RiflesFRN07 Senegalese with Coupe-Coupe

Perry Miniatures: Beja Riflemen advancing

Warlord Games: Senegalese Tirailleurs Infantry Section,

Wargame Foundry: Scruffy Uniformed Askaris – DA095

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