More Ork Tank Ideas

I have been thinking about making a kit for an Ork Tank. Something modular that allows swapping of components for various builds, such as putting the turret ring on the front plate for huge gun, or on the top for a turret.

The wide tracks on this Gobsmasha seem very proper, and many other great ideas from the Nexus Gobsmasha thread. Maybe make the upper hull overlapp the tracks, similar to a sturmtiger. The tank I plan to make should be Leman Russ/Gobsmasha size (3″ tall to turret, just over 2″ tall to tracks, 4″ wide without sponsons, 4.75″ long, from the handy sizes thread.)


From the same thread above is a link to this picture, showing lots of detail on the back deck of a Tiger I.


Page 2 of the same thread has interesting tracks. I could make a two layer track, with details on the top layer, glued onto a more flexible layer underneath. I will think more about solutions.


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