Boxy Forward Cab Trukks

I don’t like the standard trukk that much. Many have made trukks with boxy cabs, in the front or the back.

Not the greatest pic, but close to the idea of what I am thinking, just with more armor in the back. Found it on Imperius Dominatus.aIMG_1462

Mordian7th on has a couple versions that look great. More pics in the threadaFlatbedTrukkBIP-(3)

Additional pictures of the rear cab version the same thread further down.aBoardinTrukk-(2)


Jerac makes some great lego versions of trukks, I like his boxy cab version.



Pirate Viking Painting has a version in this thread, but it has less armor that I was planning on.aFoPVP-Ork-015


Found another good example. on Blood of Kittens, see more pictures there. The original link is here on

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