Upgrading Old Bikes

Old bikes can be upgraded to look similar to new bikes. Key changes involve upgrading the weedy rider and adding a front wheel guard.

Askari Legion bikes generally replace the side mounted guns with forward mounted ones, mount the bike on an oval base, and add fez hats for those who can wear them.

Instructions below for the upgrades. Tools and components below.

Old Bikes to New Look

Tools and components: Hammer, chisel, AOBR boy with arm and head, old biker legs, front wheel guards (either from new kit or scrap made, see below.) Optional: Use normal boy shoota arm

Using Assault on Black Reach (AOBR) boyz on the original old biker boy legs achieves the best effect for the least cost and conversion hassle.

Cut across hara, lower abdomen

Cut across hara, lower abdomen

Hara (lower abdomen)

Hara (lower abdomen)


3 AOBR boy bodies with 3 arm variations each for 9 types, at least 8 arms, 5 extended and 3 non-extended


Examples of cut upper and lower bodies, save the lower bodies, they are valuable.

  1. Cut the AOBR boy at the hara (lower abdomen) with a hammer and chisel: Seppuku
  2. Trim upper body as needed and attach to old biker legs
  3. Chop off left handlebar as needed (optional: Don’t chop, jump to step 6)
  4. Cut pistol off hand, optional add rod for handlebar [not shown in pictures above]
  5. Test fit long or short arm and cut hand to angle as if holding handlebar
  6. Optional: Use normal boy shoota arm, cut hand to rotate on top of handlebar

Note: AOBR boyz come with extended and non-extended arms, chop as needed, use extra sprue or other bits to extend as needed (only for the non-extended arms.)

First batch current results

First batch current results, bottom three have modified arms, two lower left are extended arms,
lower right is non-extended which needs trimming as it is a little rough.

More steps to follow

Askari Legion Conversion

More steps to follow

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