Specialized Recon

  • Specialized Recon/Ork, Lexmechanic Sierra 4531, Classification 17-B.


Most Ork recon units conduct similar missions all with a tactical focus. Ork Specialized Recon (SR) are independent units which conduct many types of recon-focused special missions. Some SR taskings and missions overlap with Kommando missions.

Where Kommandos are light units, SR units are heavy mobile units task organized with tanks, heavy transports, and attached significant support, as needed. While SR units may appear to be normal heavy battle groups with lots of extra gear, they focus on their special missions, not normal combat nor normal recon. SR units come in many varieties, the most common being Gubbins, Wurr, and Zag.

Gubbins SR units have a significant number of meks untilizing specialized gear. Infiltration and exploitation of and with technology, recovery of enemy (including Ork) gear, and similar missions related to improving strategic capabilities related to overall combat success.

Wurr SR units also often have a high number of meks servicing many pieces of specialized gear. Surveillance, counter-surveillance, finders, jammers, etc. SR units often include wierdboyz capable of communications and counter-communications, among other tasks. Where Gubbins units conduct hands on recon, Wurr units often conduct missions are range.

Zag SR units are the most common type of SR units with a focus on deep or strategic recon and high value strike actions. Zag SR units typically require longer endurance than normal, therefore existing and additionally attached vehicles are heavily loaded with logistics assets.

While many Ork kommandos have cultural, language, and technical skills to accomplish their missions. Many members of SR units learn the same skills at rudimentary or better levels to accomplish their missions.[1]



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