• Kommandos/Ork, Lexmechanic Sierra 4531, Classification 18-A.

Non-canon. In progress draft

Most Orks have extensive training in recon activities and engage in recon activities, even when not in dedicated organizations. These recon activities are similar to how scouts in Imperial forces operate, see Scout Orks. Ork kommandos are a type of oddboy specializing in advanced forms of recon activity and several other specialized activities.

Kommandos specialize in deep recon and high value strike activities, typically staying behind or arriving by ground infiltration, kopta, tellyporta, spacecraft, or other high speed methods of covert insertion.

Kommandos also conduct military coordination and leadership activities with allied non-Ork (and sometimes allied Ork) forces. Language and cultural knowledge makes these mission types more successful. These language capabilities often require attaching kommandos or similar specialists to Specialized Recon (SR) units. Examples of these missions include both low and high level liaison activities, such as leading auxiliary forces, like humans and ab-humans.

Mercantile activities sometimes involve kommandos, especially when conducted between Orks and other races, see mercantile activities.

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