Mega Apoc Battle

Mega Apoc Battle, apocalypse Orks vs Imperial at Game Kastle, 20 APR 2013.

20,000 points of Orks against about the same points of Imperials. The Ork force was made of a number of new units, such as gyrenes (ork marines), pickups and guntrukks (small trukks), kavalry (ork boar boyz), etc.


Town center was one of two simultaneous objectives (as was the Stompa), filled with a rabble of gretchin and young boyz, all being set upon by Imperial super-heavies. The various small wrecks were uncrewed vehicles, later replaced with manned ones


Covered Great Gargant in the table center in the lower part of this photo. Great Gargant could not be shot at on turn 1 and it could not shoot on turn 2, but fields were operational. Gargant remained immobile the entire game


The three Imperial commanders oversee their initial positions


Two of the three Ork kommanders on the far side of the table


Covering consisted of two pieces of muslin for the entire table. This was the only seam. Muslin makes a great play surface, even when not tea-dyed. Wrinkles add to visual appeal, so keep it wadded, not folded

DSCN0071   DSCN0087 DSCN0082 DSCN0080 DSCN0078 DSCN0077 DSCN0076 DSCN0075  DSCN0073 DSCN0072


Three drop pod assault on one of the two Imperial objectives, destruction of the Stompa and capture of the town center on the same turn. This part of the operation is going well.


Fortress of Arrogance’s view of the battlefield


Battlewagon line in starting positions with the town in the distance


View after Great Gargant revealed, Ork forces being pressed upon in front and all along the right. Plenty of Ork reinforcements flowing in from off table


Ork response to the two drop pod assault, gyrenes and a mini stompa, with the big stompa losing structure quickly

Intel on Ork Forces, only about half used, costs incomplete

 Pickup is a small trukk, barely larger than a buggy. Guntrukk is medium gun equipped buggy

  • East Command (3895): 3 bosses, 60 kommandos, 10 nobs, 8 pickups, 11 buggies, 9 wagons
  • East Command, starting (3156): 5 bosses, 15 lootas, 40 boys, 7 pickups, 9 buggies, 3 wagons, 6 guns, dread, 6 kans
  • Central Command (6109): 5 bosses, 28 elites, 12 nob bikers, 90 boys, burna bommer, 8 buggies, 3 pickups, 15 koptas, 26 storm boys, 10 wagons
  • Central Command, starting (1402): [Great Gargant], boss, 10 lootas, 3 buggies, pickup, 2 dreads, 4 wagons, 4 guns
  • West Command (5037): [Intel incomplete], 7 bosses, 40 elites, 24 bikers, 36 boys, 15 koptas, 45 flash gits, 1-10 buggies, 1-6 pickups, 10-15 wagons
  • West Command, starting (4025): 9 bosses, 90 elites, 36 boys, 2 kans, 6 wagons, 5 guns
  • Local Militia (Misc) (1190): boss, 40 boys, 16 buggies, 3 pickups
  • Flank Reserve Comm. (4230): [Probably too far] 4 bosses, 40 elites, 6 meganobs, 40 boys, 6 buggies, 24 bikes, 20 storm boys, 5 pickups, 4 wagons
  • Strategic Reserve Comm (5852): [Some will be too far] 3 bosses, 57 elites, 30 boys, 54 kavalry, 6 buggies, 10 bikes, 48 koptas, 3 kans
  • Super Heavy Command (2500 for Gargant, more for others): 2 Ministompa, 2 Stompa, Great Gargant
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