Lexmechanic Sierra 4531


Lexmechanic Sierra 4531 was a clerk on Mars who wrote endless reports about Orks, but with a very unusual perspective. Most Imperial scholars almost universally have a racist perspective, few objective information sources, and therefore very little accurate knowledge to use as a basis for understanding or communicating the true nature of Orks.

For over 200 years, Lexmechanic Sierra 4531 collated reports and developed a remarkably objective view of Orks, focused especially on technical issues. Toward the end of his existence, he published hundreds of reports, over a twenty year period. No one reviewed or read the reports until a tri-decade (every 30 Martian years) automated process kicked one report to a review queue where Transmechanic India 344 flagged it for further review. The result of the further review was the retirement of Lexmechanic Sierra 4531 for publishing reports not matching Imperial canon.

Errors in the software running the Librarium Omnissiah means only a handful of the reports written by Lexmechanic Sierra 4531 were able to be redacted. Therefore hundreds of these reports remain and still popup on various queries.

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