Scout Orks

  • Scout Orks/Ork, Lexmechanic Sierra 4531, Classification 15-C.

Non-canon. Article in progress, this is a draft

Imperial scout forces operate in different ways than other Imperial troops. Many studies of Ork tactics and training assume that most all Orks are trained and used in the same way as Imperial scout forces. This simplistic view fails to grasp how Orks operate. The goal of this report is to provide better explanations how Orks are trained and how they operate.

Initial Training

Ork kulture (culture or society) is well know for being a martial one.  From first contact, to a yoof (youth), to a boy, training focuses on several key areas. These early stages emphasize discipline, hand to hand combat, recon, fieldcraft, mobile firepower, and community/culture (generally in this order of emphasis.)

Recon, not Scouts

While Imperial scouts and Ork recon units seem similar, a general difference is Ork recon units act more aggressively. Imperial scout units have fixed organizations and sometimes more specialized tasks. Ork recon units have ad hoc organization and are expected to succeed at many recon taskings. Most scholars assume Ork organization is chaotic and recon units are randomly built with any available units, but extensive analysis indicates the same assets being combined and used for recon missions repeatedly.

More TBD

Recon Missions

Recon, counter recon, security (screening, guard, covering force, rear area protection), raid, feint/deception, attack (direct, turning movement, envelopment), counterattack, exploitation, pursuit, delay, defend, and economy of force missions [1]

TBD, in progress

Recon Equipment and Organization

Expected fast vehicles like bikes, buggies, deffkoptas, and attached aircraft are used by Ork recon units. But, slower and heavier vehicles provide the needed force protection capabilities for recon teams.


Air Unit Coordination

Like Imperial forces, Ork aircraft units do not include ground combat elements. But Ork aircraft units have a much higher degree of coordination with Ork ground forces, especially with recon units. Aircraft ground coordinators are integral to all recon units, and included with most other Ork tasks forces.

 Specialized Recon

Most Ork recon units conduct similar missions all with a tactical focus. Ork Specialized Recon (SR) are independent units which conduct many types of recon-focused special missions.



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