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  • Snazzy/Ork, Lexmechanic Sierra 4531, Classification 21-B.


Snazzgun and snazzy seem synonymous to most. Cheap holovids of Orks firing snazzguns with impossible levels of firepower epitomize the average Imperial citizen’s view of Ork weaponry. Snazzguns seem to be the ubiquitous weapon of holovid Orks, but the reality is far different.

Inaccurate stereotypes like these result in misunderstanding and underestimating foes, causing unnecessary losses of Imperial assets. This data log entry resolves to correct common errors reguarding this topic. Assumptions about the distribution of Ork snazzgun tech and the associated economics do not represent reality.

Interviews, accounts, histories, analysis, etc. all show most Orks consider snazzy to have a strong negative connotation, and snazzguns are seen as specialist weapons used only by outsiders, the greedy, or the maladjusted. Ork freebooters, pirates, and flash gits (all roughly the same thing) are generally seen as degenerates.

How could this be and why do Orks feel this way? The demographics of Ork society mean a constant need for firearms and other equipment. Built into the genetic structure of Orks is the desire to have the entire community contributing toward combat efforts. Included in this desire is a bias against equipment with too much quality. For example, if materials or time could arm 10 unarmed Orks with adequate weapons or 1 could be armed with some snazzy weapon, almost all Orks would prefer the group be armed instead of the one.

Bosses and meks assign quotas and carefully watch manufacturing output, repairs, and overall equipment levels. They ensure the many are armed instead of the few, with limited exceptions for special units, situations, and personnel. Bosses, meks, and others want great gear for themselves but don’t want to lose standing or support from their community. These leaders also wish to maximize effectiveness of the forces they lead.

Teef (Teeth)

When the desires of the many get satisfied, many desire better gear. One way to manage these desires and maximize positive behaviors is the use of teeth by the Orks. Ork teeth are used as a currency. An aspiring and up and coming boy wants a warbike, for example, he saves enough teef (usually by knocking them out of the skulls of associates) and “buys”a warbike for himself.

“Quantity has a quality all its own.”
— Attributed to great leader Joe Stalinorksky, leader of the Red Waaagh [1]

Dakka (Firepower)

Negative attitudes against snazzy also means that ammunition, power cells, charges, etc. often get manufactured for quantity over excessive quality. Imperial ammunition for heavy bolter, battle cannon, and earthshaker cannon are examples where Ork equivalents (big shooter, killkannon, and supa kannon) have often significantly less armor piercing capability, due use of lesser alloys, simpler manufacturing techniques, and other reasons.

Since all Orks prefer excessive amounts of dakka (firepower), the constant need for gigantic amounts of ammunition mean that rarely are higher performance consumables made.

Even warlords, warbosses, and bosses often only use simple or stock gear. Even mega armor can be manufactured cheaply, especially compared to Imperial equivalents like terminator armor or super-custom gear like artificer armor.


The demands on equipping millions of Ork warrior means most mechs are very busy satisfying that need, instead of leaving the mass of warriors weaponless so one can have super special gear.




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